Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some More Doodles

Because posting two entries in a day is cool.

This time it's a compilation of several doodles of the Shurara Corps..and Keroro and Kululu here and there. There's even some beta sketches of what the next Keronians might look like as well as some details about the ones that I have already done. I don't think I can make it more obvious that Mekeke is my absolute fav Keronian in the Corps.

WIP, I guess

I thought I'd post a work in progress or something. I really like the new layouts, especially this one. PINK.

It's another "Put-Rosa-in-a-Crazy-Outfit" type of picture, but I thought I could go with a very elegant one or something. This is another outfit from TinierMe in which I just absolutely adored and I thought I could put it on Rosa and make her look PURTY.

I thought I could start by actually painting it. Ugh, it is hard, especially when you have to think about where to put in each clothing folds that you normally omit when doing a cel-shading style. But the ending result is just worth all that hard work. I admit that I wouldn't be doing any of this kind of stuff if it weren't for my bud Lops. She inspires me like no other, hahaha. <333 I LOVE how well she paints ghasdjf. <33 I just hope this doesn't look like I'm copying her...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's been a while since I've last posted with you.

I hope you've been doing well, unlike deviantART and its constant updates.'s almost the last day of school for me and next week IS GRADUATION. EXCITED MUCH? Why, yes I am.

And to show my happiness, I have a doodle of human Mekeke.

For some reason, I've been just obsessed with this crazy puppeteer. I imagine that behind that psychotic exterior, he's an adorably shy man who would rather make puppet shows than socialize. If anything, I keep imagining him like an uncle to Nuii.

Bah, but I'm rambling too much.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I'm finally making a post here, again! WHOOHOO. Eheheeheh, I can't find an excuse for not updating this thing. I guess I've kept forgetting or something...yeah.

But anywho! I've been doing ok. School started for me again after winter break and I'm a little bummed, but that's ok!

But yeah, after reading a friend of mine's blog post, I was a little worried that she might have been talking about me, so I'll make it clear to my friend, JUST IN CASE she was referring to me. Maybe, maybe not! I AM NOT QUITE SURE.

Ehem. HELLO DEAR FRIEND THAT I AM NOT MENTIONING YET. I heard that you were a little worried that I have not been online as of late, especially on MSN. Well, to tell you the truth, ever since I have gotten into the Hetalia craze, I've been avoiding not only you, but the rest of my friends as well. Why? I knew you weren't into Hetalia or any other sort of anime like that, so I didn't want to burden you with my obsession so I wanted to keep quiet for a while until that obsession quiets down a bit. AND SO, now that my fangirlness has calmed down, I have stopped avoiding my friends now. Perhaps this was a selfish act of me, but I didn't want to be spazzing about Hetalia when you, along with some other friends, obviously are not interested in it. I was so obsessed that it was basically all I could ever talk about, so that's why I had to be gone for a little bit until I calmed down.

IT WORKED. BOOYAH. So I'm back in business. Now....I just need to get the motivation to finish that Christmas project...

Monday, March 9, 2009


How long as it been since I've been here? Way too long for my own good. But it's because I always have school going on and I never have time to post something worthwhile here. Like, what I mean worthwhile is some stuff that I won't ever publish on deviantART because....I don't know. I think it's stuff that's bound to be spoilers, but I still want to show it to some people that I know, YOU KNOW?


Ok, so, you remember that I've been having this whole Wonderland thing going on, right? I've finally managed to get most (if not all of them, because I'm that lame) of my characters dressed up (or cosplaying as you computer geeks would say) as characters from Wonderland. AND I'VE GOT THEM IN THIS HUGE COLLECTION. So beware for those who have slow internets like me. All of these were drawn on an old notebook that my friend let me borrow to draw pictures in to show her. I've already filled out every page, but not the backs of them, so you can see some of the old pictures behind the characters. -lame- OLD ART, GOSH. I'M QUITE ASHAMED.

Will I color these? That will be a mystery that not even I can solve.

You have no idea how much I wanted to post this up. This is Jack and Jill's grandmother, the very woman that the siblings are looking for during their adventures. See, after they're released from the asylum, they want to live with their grandmother, but they didn't remember where she lived after being in the asylum for so long, so they go on this EPIC ADVENTURE to find her. Little do they know that she is much closer to them than they think. Granny Bea's appearance was inspired by my Spanish teacher and she is also named after my own mom. WOW. SO CREATIVE I AM.

A new character of Kendra (cloudbabykc)'s species! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDD I'm so happy. Her name is Amy and I sort of gave her the wrong expression in this pic. She's supposed to look a little bit more sad and tired. xDDDD But, oh well. The thing with Amy is that she may seem to look sweet, and somewhat tired, but she's actually a total jerk. While the mouth, named Alice, that is located on the back of her head is actually more kind-hearted and considerate.

More pics of Amy and Alice. This is what Amy looks like most of the time.

BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I don't know what brought me to draw this. D:

Some Mr. Happy x Aqua fluff. I've actually drawn this before Valentine's Day. 8D;;;; I'm so pathetic. But I seriously baww'ed while drawing this. BECAUSE THEY'RE OTP, YOU KNOW?

VIREN. I actually gotten enough time to draw this guy on paper AND I'M QUITE PROUD. Because I drew him out of memory, and it always pleases me in knowing that I could draw someone without any reference. 8DDDD And I drew some Etahis at the bottom to practice some expressions. The third one disturbs me.

Bechno Kid on Tegaki E

I really need to post up more of my characters, because they're not getting enough love! DDD8 Anyway, this is a mad scientist character of mine, Dr. Vitamin! It's funny enough that I got her name when my mom reminded me to take my vitamin. Haha. But anyway, she's a villain to a space crew of mine that I need to draw more, too. MAN, I NEVER HAVE TIME ANYMORE TO DRAW. I'll see if I can come up with a good reference for Dr. Vi here.

HUMAN ETAHIS, WHUT. The hair is not finalized yet. I was just practicing because I am that lame. 8DDDD

And that is all, folks! I hope I didn't overwhelm you with all of this crap. 8DDD;;;;

Friday, January 9, 2009


I decided to post up Rosa's design before she became the dictator that she is right now.

Here she is! The anatomy is a little messed up, but I was mainly focusing on her design. xDD Haha, she looks so girly in here. But that's how much I wanted to show how corrupted she became.

I'm sure that some friends might be wondering about Rosalivia, "Why is she trying to destroy love in the first place?"

I would answer, "Her job was to form a bond between a couple and break it apart if it was corrupted, and she went a little too far in thinking that all love is corrupt. Thus, it's her 'job' to destroy it."

But I'm sure they would ask, "Why did she think that way in the first place?"

Well, here's the true story behind her motives. The gods and goddesses of her planet were allowed to fall in love, along with the inhabitants. Rosa happened to fall in love with one of the most gorgeous gods who had the same job as her. I don't have a name for him yet, but not only was he good-looking, but he had a nice personality, too. Or so it seemed.

He and Rosa eventually went out and became a couple. After a few months, though, it turns out that he was having an affair with a human who was prettier than Rosa. Rosa found this out when she coincidentally visited the girl's town and saw him kissing her. After a huge arguement, Rosa demanded her boyfriend to choose between the two girls, expecting for a happy ending. Unfortunately, Rosa never got that happy ending. But being the nice person she was, she hid her broken heart with a meek smile being happy for the two.

After a while of being alone, Rosa thought and thought more and more about the topic of love. She thought, "Is this what humans feel when their love for each other is corrupt? Is anybody allowed to feel so much pain? WHY? Why is love like this if people become unhappy all the time?" And that was when she realized that love is always corrupt. And there you have it.

Here are some doodles of the guy.

This may not be exactly what happened to Rosa, but I thought it was sadly cute.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Man. Sorry I didn't post here very much. xDDD;;;; I kept forgetting that I actually had a blog here since I lurk around so much when I'm not a member. xDD

But to make up for my absense, I've got tons of stuff. Yes. At least, I think it's a lot considering how busy I am all the time. ENJOY THE HIDEOUS SKETCHES. C8

Yeah, I remember in a certain meme that I mentioned that I had an idea to incorporate some of my chars into Wonderland. I KNOW IT'S OVERDONE. I JUST WANTED TO TRY IT OUT, CAN YOU BLAME A GIRL FOR TRYING?

Alice meets Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, featuring Stella and Tilfer. As you can see, I largely incorporated Disney's version into this. xDD;;; I am so pathetic.

Alice encounters the hookah-smoking caterpillar, featuring Stella and Etahis. I don't know, but I somehow imagined him being green as a caterpillar instead of his usual blue colors. ETAHIS, WHY ARE YOU SMOKING. I THOUGHT YOU WERE STRAIGHT-EDGED. XD

Speaking of Etahis, I thought I could post up some more doodles of his past and his own people, the Balatrums (ba-luh-truhms). Here's a little known fact. His species' name was based off the word "balatro", which was another word for a professional jester. WHUDDYA KNOW? 8DD

Etahis at about six years old. He was such a happy child in his youth. Makes you wonder why he turned so....*shivers*...evil. TOOF GAP.

Left pic: This is a little sidestory that I had taking place way before Etahis joined Rosa's army. Maybe like 2 years, I dunno. PREPARE FOR TONS OF TEXT. What happened was that the kingdom allowed women to join its army. Etahis's friend, Layladema was overjoyed, saying that with more forces the kingdom can stay safer longer and thus, she plans to join. Etahis made a little joke saying that he would hate seeing a frail and delicate young lady get killed in the army. Emphasis on the joke. He really didn't mean it, but that offended Layla anyway. She, being a rather tough one, wanted to prove that the women could be as strong as the guys and challenged Etahis to a duel. Etahis was pretty much forced to fight her for the sake of his dignity, but he was afraid to hurt her. Long story short, she pwned him.

Right pic: Etahis's family being shown to the public for the very first time. YAAAAAAAAAAY. I'm not kidding about my monocle obsession.


Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm so excited. 8DD But I need to go to bed. All right. Some doodles before I go.

AIN'T MISTLETOE LOVELY? 8DDDDDD It makes you wonder who had the nerve to put that up there. *coughMEcough*

And since Kendra wouldn't stop annoying me......

THERE. This has nothing to do with the top picture, but I felt like drawing their Christmas casual wear. Their real outfits will be posted on dA soon. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW. DDDD8< Though I do admit that I had a lot of fun drawing this. ARGH, DARN YOU KENDRA!!! JKJKJK, I still love you. <333

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Stuff.

I had a piano recital that lasted for FIVE WHOLE HOURS. Out of all the Christmas recitals that I've been to for the past four years, this was the longest one I've been to. It was so long because so many kids were playing the same song that was also very freaking long.

But I thought it was good, mainly because I did a good job. NO MISTAKES FOR THE WIN. I'm quite proud. xD But besides talking to one friend over there, I was drawing so much stuff in the second half of the recital. I didn't have a pen at the first half, until my mom came over to my seat to accompany me and handed me a pen. LOVE YOU MOM. <3333

So, here it is, although there are so many mistakes. I'M NOT USED TO DRAWING WITH JUST A PEN ARGH.

The three vertical busts that are red, blue and green are some characters that not many would know called Team Atom. Red: Nicole Neutron, Blue: Patrick Proton, Green: Elijah Electron. They solve science-related mysteries. HECK YEAH.

I still remember two people sitting next to me asking "WHO ARE THOSE TWO?" while I was drawing Rosalivia and Etahis. I was like, "UM....THEY'RE CHARACTERS I MADE UP? :D" Yeah. It always feels so awkward to draw OC's. xDDD

EDIT: Just wanted to add some more stuff.

Etahis and Kendra's Smoothie. I freaking love Smoothie. And I thought it'd be a cute idea to have them interacting with their rather extreme heights. Plus, they're both aliens, so it FITS. 8DDD I guess.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


This place looks neato so far. I was kind of tired of Livejournal being so slow on me. xDDD

But anyway, hello, all of you wonderful peoples. My name is Bechno Kid. Pleased to meet you. This might be my new sketchblog if things go well, so expect some drawings. Thanks and have a nice day.

By the way, Rosalivia says 'hi'.