Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm so excited. 8DD But I need to go to bed. All right. Some doodles before I go.

AIN'T MISTLETOE LOVELY? 8DDDDDD It makes you wonder who had the nerve to put that up there. *coughMEcough*

And since Kendra wouldn't stop annoying me......

THERE. This has nothing to do with the top picture, but I felt like drawing their Christmas casual wear. Their real outfits will be posted on dA soon. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW. DDDD8< Though I do admit that I had a lot of fun drawing this. ARGH, DARN YOU KENDRA!!! JKJKJK, I still love you. <333

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Stuff.

I had a piano recital that lasted for FIVE WHOLE HOURS. Out of all the Christmas recitals that I've been to for the past four years, this was the longest one I've been to. It was so long because so many kids were playing the same song that was also very freaking long.

But I thought it was good, mainly because I did a good job. NO MISTAKES FOR THE WIN. I'm quite proud. xD But besides talking to one friend over there, I was drawing so much stuff in the second half of the recital. I didn't have a pen at the first half, until my mom came over to my seat to accompany me and handed me a pen. LOVE YOU MOM. <3333

So, here it is, although there are so many mistakes. I'M NOT USED TO DRAWING WITH JUST A PEN ARGH.

The three vertical busts that are red, blue and green are some characters that not many would know called Team Atom. Red: Nicole Neutron, Blue: Patrick Proton, Green: Elijah Electron. They solve science-related mysteries. HECK YEAH.

I still remember two people sitting next to me asking "WHO ARE THOSE TWO?" while I was drawing Rosalivia and Etahis. I was like, "UM....THEY'RE CHARACTERS I MADE UP? :D" Yeah. It always feels so awkward to draw OC's. xDDD

EDIT: Just wanted to add some more stuff.

Etahis and Kendra's Smoothie. I freaking love Smoothie. And I thought it'd be a cute idea to have them interacting with their rather extreme heights. Plus, they're both aliens, so it FITS. 8DDD I guess.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


This place looks neato so far. I was kind of tired of Livejournal being so slow on me. xDDD

But anyway, hello, all of you wonderful peoples. My name is Bechno Kid. Pleased to meet you. This might be my new sketchblog if things go well, so expect some drawings. Thanks and have a nice day.

By the way, Rosalivia says 'hi'.