Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some More Doodles

Because posting two entries in a day is cool.

This time it's a compilation of several doodles of the Shurara Corps..and Keroro and Kululu here and there. There's even some beta sketches of what the next Keronians might look like as well as some details about the ones that I have already done. I don't think I can make it more obvious that Mekeke is my absolute fav Keronian in the Corps.

WIP, I guess

I thought I'd post a work in progress or something. I really like the new layouts, especially this one. PINK.

It's another "Put-Rosa-in-a-Crazy-Outfit" type of picture, but I thought I could go with a very elegant one or something. This is another outfit from TinierMe in which I just absolutely adored and I thought I could put it on Rosa and make her look PURTY.

I thought I could start by actually painting it. Ugh, it is hard, especially when you have to think about where to put in each clothing folds that you normally omit when doing a cel-shading style. But the ending result is just worth all that hard work. I admit that I wouldn't be doing any of this kind of stuff if it weren't for my bud Lops. She inspires me like no other, hahaha. <333 I LOVE how well she paints ghasdjf. <33 I just hope this doesn't look like I'm copying her...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's been a while since I've last posted with you.

I hope you've been doing well, unlike deviantART and its constant updates.'s almost the last day of school for me and next week IS GRADUATION. EXCITED MUCH? Why, yes I am.

And to show my happiness, I have a doodle of human Mekeke.

For some reason, I've been just obsessed with this crazy puppeteer. I imagine that behind that psychotic exterior, he's an adorably shy man who would rather make puppet shows than socialize. If anything, I keep imagining him like an uncle to Nuii.

Bah, but I'm rambling too much.