Monday, January 4, 2010


I'm finally making a post here, again! WHOOHOO. Eheheeheh, I can't find an excuse for not updating this thing. I guess I've kept forgetting or something...yeah.

But anywho! I've been doing ok. School started for me again after winter break and I'm a little bummed, but that's ok!

But yeah, after reading a friend of mine's blog post, I was a little worried that she might have been talking about me, so I'll make it clear to my friend, JUST IN CASE she was referring to me. Maybe, maybe not! I AM NOT QUITE SURE.

Ehem. HELLO DEAR FRIEND THAT I AM NOT MENTIONING YET. I heard that you were a little worried that I have not been online as of late, especially on MSN. Well, to tell you the truth, ever since I have gotten into the Hetalia craze, I've been avoiding not only you, but the rest of my friends as well. Why? I knew you weren't into Hetalia or any other sort of anime like that, so I didn't want to burden you with my obsession so I wanted to keep quiet for a while until that obsession quiets down a bit. AND SO, now that my fangirlness has calmed down, I have stopped avoiding my friends now. Perhaps this was a selfish act of me, but I didn't want to be spazzing about Hetalia when you, along with some other friends, obviously are not interested in it. I was so obsessed that it was basically all I could ever talk about, so that's why I had to be gone for a little bit until I calmed down.

IT WORKED. BOOYAH. So I'm back in business. Now....I just need to get the motivation to finish that Christmas project...